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Sunday, 26th June, 2016

Chinatown in Paris

13th districts in Paris is one of my favorite parts of the town.

For those of you who do not know the town, in Paris we have two Chinatowns and they are very different. In Bellville (11th district) live and work mainly Parisians originally from Wenzhou province (in China Mainland) and French hipsters. The 13th district, where we have taken these pictures is more interesting, because it’s  a mixed of Cantonese and South East Asian stores, street food  and cafés.

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Cheongsam at Louvre

Hello guys,

I’d like to show you my favorite “ Cheongsam” dress bought in China. It was a gift from my boyfriend’s father. The flowers were painted manually.

We have taken these pictures in Louvre, where usually Chinese couples take their wedding photos during the night. I believe that they love this place so much because the lighting match perfectly with the red “ Cheongsam” that the brides usually chose to wear.

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Inspiration from Japan


I’d like to show you my casual look from last weekend. In Paris weather didn’t spoil us last month and we are still waiting for the summer.

I am wearing one of my favorite pieces from Chinese indie brand Imakokoni Unfortunately to shop them you will need some Chinese speaking friend as their website doesn’t have an English version, but it’s definitely worth it. Their aesthetic will please you if you have the similar taste like me: you like the Japanese vibes in fashion, you love Tokyo Street Style, but you know that you wouldn’t be able to pull most of those amazing looks from Japanese street. In that case, Imakokoni will meet your need. Their clothes stand out from the crowd, have strong Japanese vibe, but in the same time, you can wear them on the daily basis without getting too much attention on the streets.


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We have taken these pictures in the city center. May is one of the nicest times in Paris, when it is warm enough to make picnics and the town is not yet conquered by tourists. Have a great week!

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Too cool to be blond

I’m already back  to Paris after my quick trip to Poland. Poznan is my home town.

It may be not the coolest travel destination in Poland but it does offer two things that Paris can’t offer: vegan and vegetarian food in reasonable prices and good quality beers. 

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Travel Diaries: Poland

This month Felik and I have a chance to participate in ZOOM International Film Festival in Jelenia Gora in my native country, Poland where “The day in the library” (directed by Eden Wan, scripte by Felik Wong) has been screen.

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Summer in Paris

It has been crazy hot in Paris, so I try to avoid getting out if I don’t have to. The only pleasant time to get out is after 7 PM these days. I really can’t wait to get out of town again, preferably to French Riviera. Have a wonderful weekend!

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Marseille street fashion paris


Parisians are well known for being annoying and permanently unhappy. But in the summer time, life seems be slightly better for us, as we finally can do what we makes us happier  quick trip the South of France.  Every weekend TGV trains are packed with stressed and depressed Parisians desperate for the sun , « cute southern accent » and for great pizza.

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Time for watch

I usually check the time on my phone but I like to wear watch as an accessory so I got exited when JORD Wood Watches asked me to review their product.

I have chosen the Delmar bamboo model firstly, because it goes perfectly with my skin tone and hair color, secondly, because I am big fan of big unisex style watches and thirdly because the light color is very easy to match with pretty much everything in my wardrobe.

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IMG_3771-Edit copy

Cannes 2015

I am already back to Paris, but I would like to share with you guys, last shooting that Felik and I made in Cannes. It was too cold to swim, but I enjoyed the summer weather for few days.

I guess you also remember the silk scarf that I bought in Bursa. I love that print so much that I am planning to use it all year long.

I will miss French Riviera a lot!

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