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Balmain for H&M dress

August 23, 2016

Balmain for H&M collection was presented on every single fashion portal a while ago, and immediately almost everyone got crazy about it. Fashion lovers all around the world waited long hours in front of the H&M stores to buy at least one piece from the collection, more practical business oriented individuals keep selling the outfits on eBay and local thrift services until today and they are probably making nice money out of it. Finally, the (pseudo)intellectuals and aspiring journalists lamented loudly about the condition of our society today, feeling superior and calling names those who dared to sacrifice their own time and money for shopping. The articles got a lot of clicks and the authors boosted their self-esteem. So I guess everyone was happy with the collection.

But coming back to the dress. It was a gift but I’m not going to judge anyone who waited 3 days to get it. Whatever people do with their time or money is none of my business as long as they do not hurt anyone. The only reason why I didn’t wear it until recently it’s because I felt a bit bored with the dress after watching all the photos on Instagram.

I have never been a fan of H&M collaborations with luxury brands because usually it was nothing else that a great marketing: Terrible quality overpriced pieces with the label on it. But I must admit that this time H&M did an amazing job: the quality of the dress is excellent. It’s a pleasure to wear it.

I hope that H&M collaboration with Kezno will be as successful!.

Dress: Balmain for HM | Shoes – Isabel Marant | Clutch: Mermade Label label


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