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January 17, 2017
berlin Bar

Hello guys,

I’d like to share with you the photos and the places from my last trip to Berlin. To make a long story short the trip was similar to all my Berlin trips: it was freezing cold, so we have been mainly exploring new eating and to hanging out spots.

I love Paris, but I must admit that many things are way better in Berlin.

1.First thing first: Space.

In Paris, everything is tiny, probably because the town itself is 9 times smaller than Berlin. So streets, apartments, the restaurants, bars, coffee shops, literally everything lack of space. In Berlin is the exact opposite.

IMG_4582-EditBerlin Travel



Berlin has an amazing offer of plant-based/vegan/vegetarians restaurants, and many of them are not overpriced. This time we were in the mood for Vietnamese Food and Pho Phan and Chay Viet are the places to go. Both run by Vietnamese people serve great pho in the chill, unpretentious atmosphere.


Don’t take me wrong, there is a lot of great shopping places in Paris, but in Berlin, there are much more sustainable, eco-friendly and cruelty-free boutiques. Simply get out in the metro station in Kreuzberg or Mitte and you will find yourself in guilt free shopping heaven.


4. Coffee.

While ago Oliver Strand wrote an article ”Why is Coffee in Paris So Bad?” And even though, a lot has changed in Paris since then, nothing can beat Berlin coffee shops. With their calm atmosphere, nice service, great selection of coffee and vegan-friendly treats, they are simply the best. This time my favorite was Café Kraft.



We have discovered 3 great bars during this trip. Luzia is perfect day place as it’s both café and bar. It’s bright and relaxed. We also loved the Café Pförtner, simply because of the original interior. Restaurant in the bus seemed cool and indeed it was fun. And for the evening, the must go is Konrad Tönz Bar. Its vintage, psychedelic design definitely stands out from all of the Scandinavian style, super clean spaces.



I have never liked the Western part of the city, as I always seen that besides some must see tourist places, Western Berlin was always packed with chain stores and fast food restaurants. So when I made to Potsdam, Western suburb, I wasn’t impressed with it, but then again, it’s pretty hard to beat Paris architecture, so don’t take my word for it.


Obviously, locals need to pay for all of those nice things. With organic, vegan-friendly restaurants, indie boutiques, and countless coffee shops, came also higher rent prices. And unfortunately, I must admit that in some places there are more expats and visitors than tourists.  I have a feeling that Eastern part of the town is becoming more and more packed with the rich hipster kids rather than struggling artist chasing their dreams.

If you have enjoyed the photos, feel free to check 48 hours in Berlin!



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