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Jardin du Luxembourg

June 26, 2013

Pictures taken in Jardin du Luxembourg, The beautiful garden is situated in the part of town where the apartments prices are only reasonable for Chinese rich students and Arabic princesses. This garden is one of the few places where all Parisians are equal, as everyone can come and take a rest.

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  • you are gorgeous, p’tite sœur!

  • that amazing shirt!
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  • You look amazing. Love your wide leg pants.


  • I love the trousers, love the Jardin du Luxembourg. And I especially love your talks on Paris, so close fitting 🙂

  • Thanks for your insights! Paris is a truly beautiful and lively city, but I think non-French appreciate it more. Parisians know they are lucky only very deep down – they complain all the time about Paris and French!

  • Fabulous post.
    Do keep in touch.
    I am alrady following on Facebook

  • Wow, great pics and this outfit is so inspirational!

  • Evon Wong

    Great outfit !! Lovely post and photos!! Love u guys!! <3