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June 24, 2013

You know what is the most irrelevant cliché about French people? There it is: they say that French and British do not get along. Well, yeah with the exception that all my Parisian friends are crazy about London, and that Parisian streets are conquered by bags, hats and t-shirts with the British flag

So even though, it is true that French people do not like to speak English, they do love fashion from UK.  That’s why even the most famous British boutique Marks and Spencer has  at their selection, all key pieces for loved by Paris girls.  I have decided to chose for you all if you need to achieve the look of real Parisian Mademoiselle.

1) The Trench

Everyone knows that a real Parisian must own a perfect Trench in her garde-robe. Marks and Spencer has quite a selection and certain are on sale.

2) Cashmere

Parisians are crazy about the Cashmere, as they believe that Cashmere sweater is a “must have” investment piece. I am on my way to find mine, in order to be a real Parisian.

3) Sunglasses

These sunglasses are from the limited collection of Marks and Spencer and all Parisian Woman loves stuff which is not available for others.

4) Little black dress

Every Parisian women is a firm believer in the  little black dress.


5) High heels Sandals.

The black ones are always the most popular in Paris but for those who are on the budget  these white ones would do the look as well.


Since there are some deals at Marks and Spencer it is worth to check full offer on their site. Also I am glad that this store has discovered that 45+ women actually exist and they do shopping as well! So their lookbook does not torture me with the pictures of 14 years old girls trying to wear adult cloths.

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