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Paris Street Style | streetfashionparis.com

Paris Street Style


Look of the day: real Paris Street Style: Outfits is too expensive and too chic for 2 guys like us. Anyway this chic lady gave us a permission to shoot so enjoy:) Bloggers.com

13 Responses to Paris Street Style

  1. beautiful!:)

  2. this is what i see when i think of paris. :) x angie

  3. your blog is amazing (:


  4. such a nice lady!!:)


  5. I love red scarves! she looks so sweet and chic. :)

  6. So elegant! You should have added a pic of her dog haha!

    xx sans pareil

    xxxx http://www.haemeandrobecca.blogspot.com

  7. Keep it up. Swans take nice photos.

  8. Keep it up. Swans take nice photos, they have a good eye.

  9. … and a red lead handle to match the scarf :D

  10. This brings a smile to my face, definitely stunning Parisian style

  11. Gawd You are like my soul mate on the other side of the ocean .. So glad I found your blog, and another pesron just as obsessed with Paris as I am(in a healthy way-wink*)

  12. classy!

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