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June 4, 2015

I usually check the time on my phone but I like to wear watch as an accessory so I got exited when JORD Wood Watches asked me to review their product.

I have chosen the Delmar bamboo model firstly, because it goes perfectly with my skin tone and hair color, secondly, because I am big fan of big unisex style watches and thirdly because the light color is very easy to match with pretty much everything in my wardrobe.

JORD watch is my first watch made from the wood and I’m already a fan of that idea. Thanks to the high quality craftsmanship the watch looks very elegant and effortless. Aside from the design,  I also find it very practical, as it will go well with gold and silver pieces.

I personally like clean and minimalistic design in watches but feel free to check other JORD designs, as they have many different models.

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