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Travel Diaries: Poland

March 1, 2016

This month Felik and I have a chance to participate in ZOOM International Film Festival in Jelenia Gora in my native country, Poland where “The day in the library” (directed by Eden Wan, scripte by Felik Wong) has been screen.

ZOOM is one of the most important independent film festival in Poland, with almost 20 years of tradition. For those of you who are not familiar with Polish film culture (and you should be!) Polish film festivals mean usually 3 things: great cinema, cool unpretentious, artsy crowd, and a lot of parties.

Jelenia Gora is a lovely town close to the Karkonosze mountains and it’s definitely worth to stop there if you are planning to ski travel in Poland.

Coming back to the festival: It is definitely worth to look up “Papa Afrika”, the best documentary according to jury (proves that it is possible to make funny, light, unpretentious and touching documentary ), and the “Ameryka” a Polish production, the winner of the fiction competition. It maybe a little bit too much inspired by “Thelma and Louise”, but it is exposing extremely well the suffocating environment of Polish small towns.

Next year ZOOM Film Festival will be celebrating its 20th anniversary, and I recommend to all film lovers.

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